According to the Dancers

Valentine, a Rwandan refugee shares her story why dance is so important to her and her people. She says, “Normally you start dancing when you are young. Back home they teach the kids how to dance. After dinner we spend time together as a family. We get together with the music and we also tell stories to the young ones. So that is a family time to teach the young ones the culture. The reason why we want to continue our dancing culture is because of those kids who have come here and they never had a chance to know our back home country. So now even if we ask them this reminds them, makes them feel like they are home. Through dance you can express your culture even the way you shake your hands or you jump up sometimes has a meaning from your tradition. The way it is used in song. That is why different people have different types of dance depending on their tradition and their culture. So today it is a way of keeping my tradition and keeping who I am.”

Check out this clip of Traditional Rwandan Dance.