What We Do

RDT’s Cultural Dance Exchange helps nurture and foster the perpetuation and continuation of refugee cultural dance through unique collaborative efforts.    This unique collaboration not only has the ability to foster friendships and enhance cultural preservation but also:

Help individuals to WORK TOGETHER: and celebrate the rich cultural diversity within Salt Lake City

PROVIDE A SAFE ENVIORNMENT: in which dancers from different cultural background will be able to work togetehr in solving problems creatively and learning effective communiciation skills.

DEMONSTRATE and help participants understand dance in various cultures and historical periods.

PROVIDE A POSITIVE PHYSICAL OUTLET to express themselves and their culture.

DEVELOP concentration skills and use the creative process to solve problems, plan, visualize, and conceptualize.

DEVELOP skills and insights needed for emotional maturity and social effectiveness: sharing, cooperation, integration and interaction.

OPEN MINDS AND IMAGINATIONS by developing tools of communication through movement and developing their sense of place.

ENCOURAGE good citizenship, responsible behavior and understanding their relationship to the other members of their group, family and community.

Repertory Dance Theatre’s Cultural Dance Exchange was established to introduce young refugee dancers to western dance, and to share traditional dances from different refugee cultures.

We generally meet on the second Saturday of each month at:

The Rose Wagner Theatre at 138 West 300 South, Downtown, Salt Lake City.

All refugee youth interested in dance are invited to attend.